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Formerly Flip Flops

This post originally appeared on my blog’s founders Amy Krause, Lois Alter Mark, Janet Harry, and Susan Jensen    Photography by Lori Krause

Formerly Flip Flops


Locally-based, a Web site for women who want to look, feel, and do good, recently launched Formerly Flip Flops, an initiative to collect used flip flops and send them to UniquEco, an African company that transforms them into innovative pieces of art and jewelry. “We live in the land of flip flops — what better place to make a real impact?” questions Lois Alter Mark, creative director of “We could actually help reduce landfills one flip flop at a time.” Encinitas’ Hansen’s is the first corporate sponsor to collect flip flops at its store — offering ten percent off on a new pair to anyone who brings in their old ones.  (      JANE SHIOMI

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