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  • Q. Have you worked on big projects?
    A. Yes, I have managed a package of spots with a $1.3 million dollar budget. I have also shot several individual spots in the range between $500,000-$1 million.
  • Q. Are you able to handle a small project?
    A. I have worked on smaller projects, usually as passion projects or with agencies with whom I have an ongoing relationship. If the budget is below $30,000, I generally refer it to someone who shoots and edits their own work.
  • Q. How do you work with agency creatives?
    A. I think this is my sweet spot. I can be very hands on, which is my favorite way to work, as a valued member of the team, especially when brought in at the very beginning. I can also bid, estimate, and hand over the project once a production company relationship has been established.
  • Q. What kind of goals do you have for producing spots?
    A. That the project goes well, that the creative vision is exceeded - not just met, and that new valued creative relationships are formed for me, as well as between the agency creatives and the creative partners I bring to the project. I joke that I can’t keep making new friends with each production - but that usually happens, too, happily.
  • Q. What kind of experience do you have with special effects?
    A. I have a lot of experience with special effects. Both the kind you can see, as in creating CGI golf clubs and golf balls, or spaceships and space environments. And also the kind you can’t (or shouldn’t) see, as in clean up, practical rig removals, stitching scenes together, sky replacements, etc. I’ve also done a lot of animation.
  • Q. What kind of work are you looking to produce?
    A. I love a good challenge so most projects grab my attention, but I do love comedy dialogue. I also love anything rooted in a documentary approach with a human interest story (link Sentenced) that tugs at your heart. I would love to work on projects for advertisers or organizations whose work benefits children, women, animals or the environment.
  • Q. What timeline do you generally need before booking?
    A. I am fortunate that I usually go from project to project. Because involvement tends to be early on in the bidding/concept phase I am on a several months cycle. I like to be busy but not stretched thin, so contact me, and I’ll look at my current schedule. If I can work it into my workflow, or work with an associate to handle the work I am up for it.
  • Q. Have you filmed abroad? What about in out-of-the-way places?
    A. I have shot many spots all over Mexico, as well as on countless golf course and remote off-road trails for Toyo Tires. I directed and produced a documentary film in Krakow, Poland, and Tel Aviv, Israel. I did some travel videos shot for an agency in Prague.
  • Q. Do you have experience with licensing and negotiation?
    A. Yes, a lot. I have worked on projects requiring music licensing, stock footage licensing etc. I have a wonderful business affairs person I consult with if needed.

Featured Project


Family Over Everything. Even Prison Walls.

What if your mother were in prison? And your brothers? And your childhood sweetheart, too. What if you had 16 close relatives who were incarcerated, many of them cycling in and out of prison? 

From the time she was a toddler, this has been Kamika’s’ life. But legacy is not destiny, and in Kamika’s mind, it's family over everything. At the age of 9, she started writing letters to her imprisoned relatives. Hundreds of loving letters, throughout her childhood, teenage years and into young adulthood – letters that were validating for all involved but often emotionally overwhelming for Kamika. 

“We’ve Been Sentenced” is the story of those letters, giving us a rare look at incarceration from the viewpoint of the family members whose lives go on outside prison walls, full of loss and longing. Alternately inspiring and heartbreaking, Kamika’s story brings new relevance and much-needed context to the current national conversation about criminal justice reform. “

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