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Beth Mygrind, Group Account Director
Vitro Agency

"Amy is an incredible production partner. We have worked together on many productions over the years and I’ve always been impressed with how cool and calm she stays under pressure… Highly recommend!"

Carmen Dorr, Creative Director
Taco Truck Creative

"As Creative Director for major automotive agencies, I spent years being spoiled with huge production budgets.  When I partnered-up to create a small, creative boutique agency, our clients were great, but our budgets were much smaller.  Amy found ways to meet my very high production expectations…"

Kiran Koshy, Director

“Production is stressful, high-stakes, high-pressure business. It helps to have calm and competent people on your side. Amy Krause is just that. And if that isn’t enough, she also happens to be a nice person who cares very deeply about the creative product and the vision of the creative team.”

Dave Huerta, Partner/CD
Taco Truck Creative

“Truly the best producer I’ve ever worked with… an amazing problem solver, fixer and advocate for great work, no matter the size of the project … someone who is as invested in your ideas as you are…”

Jay Nelson, Partner/Editor
Cut and Run

“Her knowledge of post-production, pre-production, production and the stages of concepting and planning is encyclopedic. Honest, loyal, smart and completely committed.” 

Lynn Roswall, VP/Director of Production

“Her natural curiosity & smarts, coupled with her flying blue-green-purple hair (depends), makes her an indelible asset to anyone's creative production adventure. Be it docu-style, short-form commercial, or long-form video, Amy’s approach levels-up the entire production… A joy to work with throughout, and a big win for anyone who gets to work with her!”

Nate Cali, Editor

“You know the job is going to go smoothly if you have Amy Krause on your team… Amy not only handles the entire show, but she connects with each individual to make sure everyone is bringing their A-game. She triple checks everything (please more people like Amy).  She's always one step ahead of the team.”

Jon Gothold, Former Partner/CD, DGWB
Amusement Park

“Amy always runs a harmonious production. She keeps everyone informed every step of the way, always manages to make the budget work, and makes sure the only surprises are ones of delight that show up on the screen, not in the final invoice.”


Featured Project


For more than 71 years a war has been waged–and has raged– within the heart of almost every Jewish human on earth. A debate so profound it has attracted-and distracted-the greatest minds on Earth: Nobel laureates, MacArthur Genius Grant recipients, university presidents, scholars, philosophers, poets, cantors and clarinetists. It's a question essential to the joys and tribulations of the Jewish existence, a question that remains the most enduring in human history…

This documentary will explore the seriousness and utter absurdity of one of the most passionately debated topics in existence. 

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