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Amy Says Good-bye

This post originally appeared on my blog

It was with a heavy heart that I sat down to write my  final post on StyleSubstanceSoul. And as I reflected back on the past several years, I realized that my heart was heavy because it was full. Full of so many emotions, stories and experiences.

I felt we were at our best with the emotional posts. I loved when Susan went on a rant, when Lois got political and I appreciated having a platform to vent when I needed it. But my very favorite posts were the ones about you, the women who embody style, substance and soul in your everyday work, volunteer efforts, writing and art.

I loved seeing how you were taken by our flip flop recycling efforts: How Priscilla Nelson incorporated our Formerly

Formerly Flip Flops

Along with the treasured posts about you, so too do I treasure the stories I have heard and told while working on the site. I was fortunate to have met some extraordinary women over the years. Bright, talented women making the world a better place through their art and charitable work, many times combining the two. Each year while working on the Holiday Gift Guide my mind was opened and my senses amazed by the creativity, the up-cycling, the recycling, the thoughtfulness and generosity of all the artisans I was fortunate enough to work with. It was a costly proposition for me, but my arms, neck and ears (as well as those of my girls’) are now adorned with accessories that give back and come with wonderful stories, which I tell whenever prompted.

But no prompting is needed to talk about the biggest story and experience of my life, which was going to the taping of the Oprah show and the Ultimate Australian Adventure that ensued, including talking with Oprah! Again, much

Which brings me full circle, to my full heart. Full of gratitude for the old friends I started this journey with, including Janet Harry who worked tirelessly in the early days of the site to get us up and running, and for the new ones who I am ending it with. For all I have learned, experienced, shared and felt, I thank you. I thank you all for teaching, guiding, supporting, speaking out and showing up. Thank you for giving me faith in womankind. I will carry that with me always.

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