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25 Random Things About Amy Krause

This post originally appeared on my blog

Do you remember back in the early days of Facebook when people posted all kinds of lists in their “Notes” section? Our all-time favorites were the amazing “25 Random Things About Me” lists — they were so real, so personal and so fascinating that we actually based the eSSSence box at the bottom of all our interviews and guest posts on them. We hear from many of you about how these resonate with you and how much you enjoy reading them, too.

So we thought it would be fun to post our own lists so you can get to know us better — and we may find out a few secrets about each other along the way. We posted Lois’ list last week. Now it’s Amy’s turn:

1. I am a mom, something I once thought would detract from my potential as a person, but I know now is the thing that defined my potential as a person.

2. Paul and I are beshert.

3. I don’t make friends lightly, I make friends deeply, longest running friendship Sherrie Silver Pazner 1975 – . . . . . .

4. I feel most like myself in a city.

5. I am happiest in an audience, at the theater, at a concert, in a classroom.

6. I hate mornings.

7. I prefer chocolate desserts to almost any other food group.

8. I don’t like hot drinks.

9. I am brilliant in my car.

10. I have never walked out of a movie or live performance.

11. I was a young adult at the height of the AIDS epidemic and lost my close friend John St. Louis to the disease.

12. I wish I could sing and dance.

13. I have no poker face – this can be a problem.

14. I can’t seem to tell a story about my girls when they were little without breaking down into a weird hysterical laugh/crying fit.

15. My dad died.

16. Since my dad died I don’t cry at the things I used to, and I cry at things I never used to.

17. I cry whenever I go to temple.

18. I cry a lot.

19. Harold and Maude is one of my all time favorite movies – at one time I knew all the words by heart.

20. I love musicals – West Side Story, Evita, Jesus Christ Superstar, Hair, Les Miserables, Rent are  some of my favorites.

21. After 12 years of practicing yoga, I am still looking for my bandhas!

22. In my mind I can both write and perform slam poetry – which I love.

23. I love TED talks, Terry Gross and Charlie Rose.

24. I want to be a combination of Nora Ephron and Anna Quindlen when I grow up. (I think they could have been friends).

25. Living with and loving Stella (our family dog) has changed my heart forever.

Read 25 Random Things About Lois here.


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