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Amy’s Daughters Pay Tribute to Their Dad, Paul Needelman

Sophie Needelman:

This post originally appeared on my blog

It is not common to hear of a father and daughter growing closer after being separated for the first year of college, yet this is the case for me and my dad. I have always known my dad to be the warm, loving, enthusiastic, supportive man that he is. The physical distance and time apart not only reinforced these feelings I have about my father, but added a sense of deep understanding and compassion as well. Deep understanding and compassion on a human level, not just a father-daughter level. Physical distance is compensated for by emotional closeness, and I could not have gotten to the place I am without the unconditional support of my father. He always makes himself available to spend time together, listening to the words of the girl that is becoming more and more like him every day. With every passing day, I come to realize how strong our similarities are and how much I really can use my dad as a source of inspiration and support. He is one of the few people in my life who understands me without needing to say much; I like to think the feeling is mutual. I am so lucky to have such a genuinely good, kind man in my life, let alone have him as my dad. His greatest legacy is the example he sets as a human being. I am honored to have his example to follow and his legacy to fulfill.

Dana Needelman:

Some of my friends talk about how their dads are just men that live in their house that they don’t really know. I never really understood how that was possible, because my relationship with my dad was so special. Whether we were going to football games, grabbing some food (which my mom did not approve of), or laughing at something extremely immature, my dad and I always seemed to have a strong connection. As I get older and I spend less and less time at home, my appreciation for my dad grows stronger and stronger. Not everyone can say that their dad is one of their best friends. I am extremely glad that I can.


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