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99 Cent Chili Dog

Mid-century inspired animation with original vintage Broadway musical style
jingles, all in one campaign; almost nothing could make me happier! This was pure joy to be part of and I am so proud of this work.


Astroglide Manifesto

With a tag line about faking it and a script highlighting what it is like to be a woman, I had to be part of this production. I welcomed the responsibility of putting together the production team that delivered this message for a brave client.

Vitro/Toyo Tires




I was thrilled to be brought in on this Super Bowl spot by industry veteran and friend, Carol Lombard, when she was head of production at Innocean. It was a first class production and post, unlike any other. Interesting side story, on this production, I had the distinction of being the first in California to make an insurance claim under the terrorism clause.

Vitro/El Pollo Loco

Birria Craze

The Chop Shop/Boost Mobile

Boost Passions

I worked on several Boost Mobile spots as both the agency producer and the line producer working closely with the director, my friend, Crash as DP and some really talented Boost partners. It was challenging and a real stretch for me working both sides of the production and so much fun to shoot on locations all over L.A.

Vitro/Toyo Tires

Brand Enthusiast

Shot at the beginning of the pandemic, before vaccines, this production was a true road trip adventure. The director, Keith Rivers, the team he put together, along with Tempt Media, worked so hard in uncharted locations and work conditions to bring to life the adventurous spirit of the people, their vehicles and tires, in this off-road community. It was challenging work, but a pleasure to be part of at a time when the future of production – and so much else-was uncertain.

DGWB/Hilton Garden Inn


This production was one of my all time favorites. I worked closely with long time agency clients, who had become some of my closest friends, and with the very talented director, Theresa Wingert, who I also consider a friend. We did it all in Nashville; each department brought their best and made it feel like we traveled the world with a million bucks; which I can assure you we didn’t do and didn’t have

NYCA/Taylor Made

Burner Brotherhood

Reunited on this shoot with the infamous Croneweth Brothers, who were as they always are, a pleasure to watch while they work. Fun facts: we shot on Trump’s golf course; Jeff left our shoot to replace a DP on location with Director David Fincher. I am sure you saw that film; I know I did.

Vitro/El Pollo Loco

Chickenless Pollo

This is probably the closest I will ever get to produce an SNL-like short film.
I loved the script and couldn’t wait to put together the right team to hit the perfect comedic note. We shot at an historic family farm that was occupied by a family of peacocks. I was gifted some gorgeous feathers, shed not plucked, which, now in a vase in my living room, remind me of a very special shoot experience.

Vitro / El Pollo Loco

Dentist / Biker

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